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Maung Thein Naing ( Gondu U Thein Naing)

Maung Thein Naing was born on 27 March 1936 at Sin Gyoon Village, Mongwa Township, Mongwa Aistrict, Zagaing Division, Upper Myanmar. He was matriculated in 1955 from the State High School, (No.2) Monywa, with distinction in Myanmar.
He got his first degree (B.A) in 1962 from the Mandalay University and joined the Myanmar Departments of the University of Medicine, Mandalay and the University of Agriculture, Mandalay. Thus he became quite proficient in teaching Myanmar language and literature.
For his work on History of Myanmar Theatrical Performances, he was awarded the most coveted National Literary Prize, in 1963 and again in 1965 for his Myanmar Marionette. At the annual gathering of Upper Myanmar writers and authors, usually held at the Mandalay Dham
ma Biman, he read five research papers on Myanmar literature.
In 1968, he produced a monumental work called A Tika on Myanmar literature and it has been recognized as the most excellent work on the subject. Under the Ministry of Culture, Government of Myanmar, there are several organization like the Society for Maintaining the Standard of Myanmar Theatres, the Society for Preserving and Developing Puppet Shows, the Society for the Up Keep of Drummers' Skill, the Society for Editing the Classical Songs, etc. and he was elected a Member or Secretary, or a Vice-President in these societies for about ten years. At present he devoted all available time in private lessons on Myanmar language and literature.

20 August 2002