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U Shwe Nan Tin (Born-1929)

- Vice Chairman of Myanma (Burma) Thabin (Theater) Association and    Head Quarter and Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Culture.
- Son of Nandaw Shay Saya Tin, prominent Burmese (Myanmar)    compose in th the mid 1900s.
- Dropped out while studying when the World war. (II) broken out.
- Learned puppetry from Saya Nyan, a puppet Master in 1946.
- Learn to play the piano, the Burmese xylophone and the Burmese   Harp.
- Now taking an active rote in helping Myanmar traditional fine art    revive since 1993.
- Appointed as a judge in the State Performing Arts Competitions.
- Wrote many screen plays including a story relating AIDS education for Care Myanmar. (Non-   government Organization)
- Presently working as an advisor to Mandalay Marionettes troup.