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Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2006
Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2005
Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2004
Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2003
Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2002
Mandalay Marionette's Group Tour - Year 2000

 Touring Information of Mandalay Marionettes Theater
27th. SEPTEMBER, 2006.
Tentative Program in Paris-Myanmar-UNESCO Traditional Cultural Concert
Duration of the show : 1 and half Hours
Nature of the Show : Music + Dance (1st part)+ Marionettes (2nd part)
Proposition of Program ( Show in 2 parts )
1 Musical Opening (Harp + Hsaing-Waing) 6
2 Chamber Music 1 : Harp, Hsaing-Waing & Vocal 5
3 Solo Dance( da bin dain) with Candle-Light 6
  Hsaing Waing + Ou: Zi ( During in technical break ) 5
1 Natkadaw Dance 7
2 Himawuntha Scene;  
  Bilu fight 7
  Zawgyi 7
  Naga and Garuda 2
3 Yamayana (Chasing Deer) 7
4 Folk Dance ( U Shwe Yoe + Daw Moe & Musicians) 4
5 Comparative dance (puppet/human) 4
7 Mintha Minthami Duet Love Dance 15
  Audience call : Musicians virtuosity 5
  TOTAL 80
Tentative Program in Paris-Myanmar-UNESCO Traditional Cultural Concert
Description of Program
Musical Opening ( Harp + Hsaing-Waing )
Harp Solo & Musician Virtuosity
"Success in all Auspiciousness" ( Harp + Hsaing-Waing )
Music Type: Yodaya Than Zan. (call in- - jou: daja: than zan:), The tune as differentiated from Classical Myanmar style song Base on Yodaya Tunes.
Composer and Era: It was composed by Famous U Pyone Cho in Colonial Period.

Solo Dance ( da bin dain) with Candle-Light HW
Kongbaung Dynasty- King Alaungphaya reorganized the country after the fall of Nyaungyan period. In the mid 16th century King Ba Yin Naung sacked Ayutthaya the city of Siam or (Thailand). He returned with the entire court including Thai entertainers and many Siamese artisans. From that time on Yodaya or Thai dance became the court dance.
Hsaing Waing +
Ou: Zi
HW + Ou: Zi
Saing Waing's Musician virtuosity ( During in technical break for 2nd Part )
Ritual Dance HW
A typical traditional puppet show begins with three beats on the gong and cymbal and starts with a ritual dance, performed by a Medium (Nat-Ka-Daw). She pays respect to the guardian spirits (The Nats or good spirits) of the area by offering coconut and bananas.
Himawuntha Scene ;
Bilu fight
Naga and Garuda
The Himalayan Scene
According to the Buddhist concept, the first constellation to appear on the sky is the galaxy of stars shaped like a horse's head. Therefore, the first to appear on the stage is the horse. After that, the monkey appears and dances around by himself. The ogres appear and chase the monkey away. They dance and fight with each other.
Then the mythical Bird (Garuda) appears and fights with the mythical Snake (Naga).

Alchemist (Zaw-Gyi)
According to popular belief, Zaw – Gyi is a demigod who roams through forests and over mountains, in search of medicinal plants and fruits. He always carries a magic stick. As he is an Alchemist, he grinds medicinal plants with his magic stick, on a stone slab. When he achieves success, he dances about and does a lot of acrobatics. After that Naga and Garuda will come out to get perfact the elements of the forest.
(chasing deer)
“The High light of the RAMAYANA Story”
Chasing Deer of prince Rama for his princess Sita.
The characters are YAMA, LACHANA, Sita, Gambi transformed herself as a deer.
Folk Dance ( U Shwe Yoe + Daw Moe & Musicians) HW
Performed by villagers U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe. This is the popular dance among the country folk.
Comparative dance (puppet/human) HW
“The Competing Duo”of a human being and a puppet”.
“ Yoke Thay” once a highly esteemed royal pastime is a show not only of stringed wooden dolls but sometimes of like human substitutes. The dolls could make their human colleagues so envious of their superior artistry that there emerged a form of dance called “marionette dance”, imitatively created by human beings themselves.
Mintha & Minthami
(Duet Dance)
This one is the last but not least: the famous dance of “Prince and Princess”.To us Burmese, it is the most beautiful and sentimental performance of the Marionettes Theatre. It will be the climax of our marionettes show. The best puppeteers are always chosen to perform this magnificent and artistic dance. You can see a lot of intricate improvisations in this duet performance. We hope this will be delightful for you.
Audience call : Musicians virtuosity HW + Ou: Zi  

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