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Naing Yee Mar

Since 1986, I am the co-founder of our theatre and I am taking responsibility for external relationships and international performances so far. Since 1993 I have been living in the Netherlands and visiting Myanmar one or two times a year to keep in touch with my own country. Under the supervision of Dr. Tin Maung Kyi, I studied the Myanmar Puppetry and I wrote articles about Myanmar puppetry and about some other Myanmar culture activities in the Netherlands. In 1997 I was able to write "The Revival of The Dying Art (about Myanmar Puppetry)". This article was published in the
IIAS News letter of the Leiden University for Asian Studies. It was also reedited in the Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group, of the Northern Illinois University. Thereafter I became a guest speaker and a freelance consultant for the Culture and Communications Subject at the Leiden University. They supply services for companies that are looking for possibilities in Myanmar. I studied the Executive MBA program (Master of Business Administration) specialized in General and Strategic Management in
the Netherlands. For my living I am working as a production manager at a Dutch Media Company and I am responsible for several international Multi-media projects for the companies like Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and the SNS bank in the Netherlands.

More info:   www.glocorp.com
    e-mail:   naing2@businesstales.nl