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Kyaw Myo Ko (Born-1970)

Since 1993 I have been getting involved in the theater as a director for our management team and taking responsibility for theatre promotion as an art director. If it is necessary I can be a puppeteer and during our international performances I take responsibility for our group as a tour manager. After we have set up our theatre as a company limited, I became a co-owner of our organization and I am trying to promote our theatre on the internet. I believe that this is the way our artists can communicate with the world.I studied the History at the Mandalay University and graduated in 1995. However I am still studying the History of the Myanmar puppetry and Anatomy of puppets under the supervision of Dr. Tin Mg Kyi and other masters who concerning in those kind of subjects. Currently we collaborated with 'Care Myanmar' (a Non Governmental Organization) to make Myanmar people aware of AIDS through puppet play.

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