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Dr. Tin Mg Kyi (Born-1939)

Work (Archre medical Doctor)
Formerly an Assistant surgeon under Health Ministry and Assistant tecturer in Physiolog & Biochemistry from 1965 to 1991.
Resigned in 1991 to become a freelanee writer and researcher had revived Burmese puppetry, in the late 1980's, which had been an endangered lost art helped establish Mandalay Marionette Group in 1989.
Continuing extensive research an Burmese puppetry and helping to those in need of it.

Papers presented

1986 - "Anatomy of a Burmese Pappet" in Rangon, sponsored by Cultural Dept.
1996 - "Report on 1911 collection of Burmese Puppets of Staatliches Museum For Volkerkunde,           Muniel, Germany.
2000 - Last Days of an Ayuthian King taken prisoner (1767) to Burma, Mandalay.
2001 - The witch and the special String Mechanism.

Lectures delivered

1988 to 1998 - Lectures on Burmese History and cultures to YMCA members.
2000 - On Burmese puppetry; lectures in Charlesville, 11th International Puppet Festival; Maisondes culture Dumonde, Paris; Tropen Museum, Amsterdan; University of Drama, Utretch, Netharlands.
2001 - "Thai Prisoner of 1676 and their disccendants" delivered to members of Department of Archcology, Mandalay.

Books and articles published Burma

1995 - Beautiful ladies in Burmese History
1998 - "Collected Reascarch Articles on Burmese Cultures" by "Today" Media Group.
2001 - "Some faeets of Burmese Culture" (in English) by "Today" Media Group.
Many articles on culture and history in leading magazines in Myanmar (Burma)